important things to know and share, vol. 1

My little boy is about to turn 1 in just 3 weeks, and it has me all contemplative.


If I could give one piece of advice to very-pregnant me, 1 year ago, (or, you know, other pregnant ladies) it would be this:

Spend a little less time reading about childbirth, and way more time reading about childcare.

The childbirth thing is a really big deal. (At the time, it was the mountain in front of my face and I couldn't see past it.) But then it's over, and you're exhausted like you just ran 8 marathons, and you really need a meal and a 3-day nap... and then they hand you your baby. Then, if you're me, you realize: oh crap, maybe I should have read about what I do now.

If I could give a second piece of advice, it would be to sign up for Lucie's List emails. They magically appear in your inbox and tell you all the things you wish you'd read about beforehand.

Ok, ok, and if I could give a third piece of advice: more burp cloths. However many you think you need, get more.