2016: Sketchbook every day

We're 36 days into 2016, and I'm proudly on day 36/366 of #emilydraws2016! I've committed to working in my sketchbook every single day this year... and the big scary part, sharing it online every day. For someone who's spent the past 20 years hiding my creativity in a closet, it's scary and it's huge and I'm so freaking excited that I'm doing it.

I started out by participating in a daily drawing challenge on creativebug.com,  taught by an artist whom I super admire, Lisa Congdon. Now there's a second challenge for February, too! It's been awesome because I can just focus on doing the damn thang and not spinning my wheels about "but what should I drawwwww?"

My project is inspired both by Elle Luna's 100 Day Project and Crystal Moody's Year of Creative Habits. I heard Crystal interviewed on the Elise Gets Crafty podcast sometime last year, or maybe the year before, about wanting to make artwork like her kiddo: without being self conscious, just doing it, and having a big pile of work to show for it. Because certainly, if you work at it every day, you're bound to come up with something you like at least a few times out of 365 days... right? (Or 366 this year, bonus day!) 

I have SO many thoughts on this method, but I'll save them for another day.

Although I will mention, I tried to do a 100 Day Project last year, and I just could. not. do it. I even bought special art supplies to keep at work so I could draw and paint on my lunch break. It was comically difficult for me to attempt, as a full time working mom when Julian was about 6 months old. Like, I was sitting there on my lunch break, still checking my work email, pumping milk with a hands-free bra, painting with water colors... oh, and trying to feed myself, too. Like I said, comically difficult. And given up on quickly, but with great disappointment.

So 3 cheers for a very different year in  2016! And here are a few of my favorites so far.